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This 1853 edition of State Surveys edition shows Florida, except for parts of the Keys, in great detail.  up-to-date survey progress and development in the state. The state is still quite under-developed, and not yet identified are Miami, Tampa, Orlando among others.  Shown are Indian Reserve,  Forbes Purchase and the Arredondo Grant lands and multiple forts.   From the Surveyors Office in St. Augustine, September 30th, 1853 by John Wescott, Surveyor General.

1853 US Survey Map of Florida

SKU: 2398c
  • Title

    A Plat Exhibiting the State of the Surveys in the State of Florida

  • Map Maker Specifics

    US State Surveys, 1853, Washington

  • Size

    22 x 24.8 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Good.  Very nice imprint and color.  Virtually no toning.  A large split and small voides (not in the actual map but in the Gulf area) were repaired on verso

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