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This is superb early 18th century map of Chesapeake Bay area.  Delaware is shown to be a part of Pennsylvania, favoring the claims of Lord Baltimore, and New Jersey is divided into East and West Jersey.  There is a lot of topographical and early settlement detail offered. Both Baltimore and Philadelphia are shown, and of course this map pre-dates Washington DC.  This map is based on the survey work by Augistine Herrman and was first issued by Christopher Browne in 1692 and then reissued by John Senex in 1719, which is the current map.  The prominent cartouche includes tobacco, a major regional product during colonial times.  

1719 Senex Map of Virginia and Maryland

SKU: 2350
  • Title

    A New Map of Virginia Mary:Land and the Improved Parts of Pennsylvania & New Jersey

  • Map Maker Specifics

    J Senex, 1719, London

  • Size

    19 x 22 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Very Good - Excellent.  Clear, sharp image with good hand coloring.  Issued centerfold.   Minor staining, mostly in the cartouche area and in margins.  A few small foxing spots.

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