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A magnificent record of the early exploration of the Rockies to Oregon and Northern California.  Great deal of detail is given as to topography, flora and fossils encountered as well as record of Indian Tribes.  Great deal of data gathered are presented in hundreds of tables.  The main, very large map, presented detached from the book shows the overview of the exploration from the Missouri rivder to the Pacific, and promintly notes the topography and Induian tribes.  All together there are 22 plates devoted mostly to views, flora and fossils and 5 maps, of which are two folding in the book, one has hand coloring and one very large is detached and presented separately, as noted.  This is the first edition for the Senate.

1842-44 Fremont Expedition Map of Rockies, OR and CA

SKU: 2348
  • Title

    Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842, and to Oregon and North California in the Years 1843-'44

  • Map Maker Specifics

    J Fremont, 1845, Washington

  • Size

    Large Map: 31 x 51 in. Book: 9.1 x 5.5 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Book in very good condition, pages with some toning and a few foxing spots.  The large map was taken out of book is very good and has toning, some short splits at fold intersections, one small missing portion in center folded area and a smaller one in upper right.  The other maps are in excellent condition.  Original cloth book binding; original gilt-lettered spine, somewhat thorn but securely in place.

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