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This is a crucible map of the new world, and is one of the first to focus on the Dutch colony in North America and to name Nieu Amsterdam (New York). The colony of Nieu Pleimonth is identified, as well as other English names along the coast, which were derived from the Brithish John Smith's map of New England. The map is rotated 90 degrees from customary, being oriented with north to the right and is richly adorned with a variety of wildlife, including the first appearance of beavers and otters on a printed map. Quebec is noted with a minute depiction of the fort and buildings. A large Mohawk village is shown. The map has a nice large title cartouche flanked by two natives, as well as sailing ships, canoes, and compass roses. This map from the first issue in 1635.

1635 Blaeu Map of New England and New York

SKU: 2342
  • Title

    Nova Belgica et Anglia Nova

  • Map Maker Specifics

    W Blaeu, 1635, Amsterdam

  • Size

    15.3 x 20 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Very Good - Excellent.  Very nice copy with very good coloring on thick paper and wide margins.  Slight soiling and a few very small foxing spots.  The black letter verso barely visible.

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