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A rare and rather uncommon atlas containing 21 maps (6 folding).  They trace world history from the Biblical Flood to the time of publication in 1830.  The maps uncommonly reveal the world as was known at a particular time among dark clouds, with the clouds totally recede at the time of last major explorations and the American independence - quite symbolic.  First edition.  Published in London by R.B. Seeley & W. Burnside and printed in Surrey.  This is a Nottingham Library copy.

1830 Quin Historical Atlas of the World

SKU: 2332
  • Title

    An Historical Atlas in a Series of Maps of the World, as Known at Different Periods …

  • Map Maker Specifics

    E Quin, 1830, London

  • Size

    16 x 13 in. folio.  Maps are either single or double folio.

  • Condition

    Maps are in excellent condition, with sharp, clean strike and hand coloring.  Modest 'bleed' of the dark clouds to the adjacent page in a few cases.  Lacking title page (copy provided). Both original front and back covers have separated, otherwise binding is very good.

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