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A nice map of China with great deal of topographic detail plus that of cities, towns.  The provinces are color-coded.  Some of the landmark cities are not yet shown, including Hong Kong and Shaghai.  The South Japan islands are still only partially correctly represented.  Colored.

1809 Wilkinson Map of China

SKU: 2318
  • Title

    China, Contains 15 Subject Provinces Including 2 Islands of Hainan Formosa and the Tributary Kingdoms of Corea Tonkin

  • Map Maker Specifics

    R Wilkinson, 1809, London

  • Size

    9.2 X 11 in. plus margins; Framed: 15.8 X 17.8 in.

  • Condition

    Very Good-Excellent.  Clean, sharp imprint, hand colored.  Slight foxing.  Framed 

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