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This is a highly unique and exceedingly rare woodblock map of the famous Mian Mountains (Mianshan) in Shanxi Province, 150 miles Southwest of Beijing.  There are no known other recorded maps like this.  The map shows the mountains, gorges, other topographic features and the many Buddhist and Taoist Temples frequented by pilgrims and others. The map was produced during the Qing Dynasty's Guangxu Emperor's rule and were used presumably by pilgrims and guides.  This mountain range is of special interest in the Chinese culture and is renowned for its many temples, and for its strikingly beautiful natural scenery.  There are many steep mountains in the range with the highest peak at c. 8400 feet.  Many of the temples were destroyed by the Japanese troops in WW II, and reconstruction is still under way.

1890 Chinese Qing Dynasty Woodblock Map of Mian Mountains

SKU: 2316
  • Title

    Mian Mountains

  • Map Maker Specifics

    Anonymous, 1890 c.

  • Size

    37 X 22.8 in. Framed, map area is 34 X 21.2 in.

  • Condition

    Very good.  Clear black ink image on paper with some toning, and likely paper was originally slightly brownish.  Slightly uneven strike, typical of woodblocks. No visible loss to paper. Framed.

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