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An impressive, monumental size double hemisphere world map by Dunn.  The world map is full of detail, including topography, settlements, Indian tribes in America, etc.  There are 15 insets, including celestial charts (both Northern and Southern Hemisphere), the Solar System, a selenographic map of the moon’s surface as well a smaller world map on Mercator’s projection.  This version also shows Captain Cook’s and other explorer’s tracks and voyages.   Dunn's decorative double hemisphere map of the World, embellished with a number of different Celestial Models, which has been revised to include the discoveries of Captain Cook on his 3 voyages.  There is plentiful of descriptive text throughout the map.  This is the first edition of the map, published by Robert Sayer.

1787 Dunn Map of the World on Two Hemispheres and Celestial Maps

SKU: 2498a
  • Title

    A General Map of the World, or Terraqueous Globe, with all the New Discoveries and Marginal Delineations, Containing the Most Interesting Particulars in the Solar, Starry and Mundane System, by Saml. Dunn, Mathematician

  • Map Maker Specifics

    S Dunn, 1787, London

  • Size

    42 x 49 in. joined plus margins

  • Condition

    Good.  Toning, more noticeable in some of the folds and in margins; some foxing and staining.  Several splits closed on verso.  Slight damp in stain in top section and on left.  Color outlined continents, on thick paper.  Issued folds and several creases. A few marginal chips. Narrow margins. Four sections joined horizantally into two.

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