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This is a very unusual map of upper US North East, based on Bernard Romans’ Chorographical Map first printed in 1778, first map to show Vermont.  The map is a first-hand compilation of the controversial territories of Vermont, New Hampshire and parts of New York which were undergoing boundary disputes when Romans first drawn the map. Vermont had declared its independence from both New York and New Hampshire the year before, and New York was contesting the New Hampshire Grants. Romans provided considerable detail about property ownership and land grants as he strongly supported New Hampshire in the Grants controversy and applauded the State of Vermont.  The map is oriented with the North towards the upper left.  This specific reduced size edition is from E. B. O’Callaghan: Documentary History of the State of New York, engraved and printed by E. Gavit. 

1851 Gavit/Romans Map First Showing Vermont, plus NY and NH

SKU: 2496a
  • Title

    A Chorographical Map of the Northern Department of North America, Drawn from the Latest and Most Accurate Observations

  • Map Maker Specifics

    Gavit / Romans, 1851

  • Size

    10.3 x 12.3 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Excellent.  Very slight toning.  Very small pin hole in lower left and uneven marginal trimming on left.  Uncolored.

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