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This magnificent and highly influential map by Seutter of today’s New England to Virginia.  It shows plenty of detail as to settlements, topography, native animals and of course Native American tribes and several fortified villages. The cartography isn’t quite perfect: Lacus Irocoisiensis (Lake Champlain) is misplaced to the east of the Connecticut River, the St. Lawrence River and Ottawa River are intertwined, and the coast of New England is still imperfectly mapped.  The inset is a rendition of the famous Restitutio View of Manhattan, which originally commemorated the short-lived Dutch recapture of New Amsterdam in 1673.  On the right is a wall that eventually became Wall Street with its guardhouse and gate.  Adjacent to the wall are new settlements and the Collect Pond (marked 'P') used to collect fresh water.  Towards the cartouche is a long procession of natives carry American goods to the English monarch, presumably George II, who is being attended by Hermes, Athena, and Hera. 

1730 Seutter Map of New England to Virginia

SKU: 2481b
  • Title

    Recens Edita totius Novi Belgii, in America Septentrionali siti, delineatio cura et Sumtibus

  • Map Maker Specifics

    M Seutter, 1730, Nurnberg

  • Size

    19.5 x 22.7 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Very good - excellent.  Clear strike, good coloring.  Slight toning, mostly in margins.

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