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This outstanding and decorative map of the ancient world is the revised second state of Mercator's 1578 Ptolemaic world map. The border was re-engraved, surrounded by allegorical figures representing the four elements of Fire (Zeus), Air (Hera), Water (Neptune), and Earth (Gaia). There is a very large Taprobana (today’s Sri Lanka) in the Indian Ocean and the Indian subcontinent is severely truncated, though the Ganges is noted. Only the northern part of Africa is shown with the Nile originating in the twin lakes south of the Equator in the Lunae montes. 

1695 Mercator Map of the Known World

SKU: 2463
  • Title

    Universalis Tabula Iuxta Ptolemaeum

  • Map Maker Specifics

    G Mercator, 1695, Amsterdam

  • Size

    13.7 x 18.6 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Good-Fair.  Sharp strike with nice coloring.  Toning throughout, especially on marginal edges.  Modest tape restoration and previous matting tape on verso.  Pencilled notes in otherwise blank verso.

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