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This is a fantastic early map of then seclusive Japan, by a Westerner.  The map was drawn largely from a Japanese woodblock map from the library of B. Dutry, a prominent Dutch East India Company official.  This Japanese map presented a distorted view of Japan, particularly Honshu, because the geographical shape was made to fit the format, that of a folding travel map. The important cartographic contribution is the first use of Sino-Japanese characters for all 66 provinces, and the deletion of many fictitious place names that appears on previous European maps.  A large inset of the vicinity of Nagasaki and graphic scenes distinguish this interesting map of Japan.  Scenes of Japanese life that fill the bottom of the map feature a Samurai, merchants, a farmer with an ox, fishermen, and a temple.  Examples of Japanese ceramics that were a popular import to Holland are displayed at the base of the cartouche.  Blank verso.

1740 Seutter Map of Japan

SKU: 2462
  • Title

    Imperium Japonicum per Sexaginta et Sex Regiones Digestum atque ex Ipsorum Japonensium Mappis Descriptum …

  • Map Maker Specifics

    M Seutter, 1740 c., Augsburg

  • Size

    19.3 x 22.9 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Very good.  Toning, mostly in the issued centerfold.  Clear image, nicely colored.  Narrow margins.  Upper margin above the neatline is cut closest, sligtly into lettering.  A few marginal splits.  Few small tape restoration in centerfold area on verso.

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