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This Escape Map of Iraq & Environs is marked "For UK Defence Purposes Only." Produced by United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, 2002. Series GSGS-5864. Great deal of detail on transportation routes, settlements and topography.  Verso with statement: "I am British and I do not speak your language. I will not harm you. I bear no malice towards your people. My friend, please provide me with food, water, shelter, clothing and necessary medical attention. Also, please provide safe passage to the nearest friendly forces of any country supporting the British and their allies. You will be rewarded for assisting me when you present this number and my name to British authorities." In Turkish, Armenian, Aramaic, Kurdish, Persian, Arabic and, of course, English. 

2002 British Escape Map of Iraq

SKU: 2453k
  • Title

    Iraq & Environs

  • Map Maker Specifics

    UK Ministry of Defence, 2002, London

  • Size

    10 x 10.5 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Excellent.  Unused poly-paper map.  Colored and issued folds.

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