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A superb map of the harbor of Mahon, the largest deep-water harbor in the Mediterranean Sea, on the Balearic Island of Minorca (today’s Spain).  Specifically, this map illustrates the siege of Fort St. Philip strategically located at the entrance to the harbor in 1756 during the Seven Years' War.  A French force landed on the island and besieged the British garrison at Fort St. Philip, forcing them to surrender after a long siege.  The subsequent attempt by the British naval relief force to save the island was unsuccessful.  Great deal of detail of military positions and topography is shown on the map.

1756 Map of Minorca's St. Philip and Mahon Harbor

SKU: 2423h
  • Title

    A Plan of Fort St. Philip and its Environs with the French Encampments, Batteries, etc.

  • Map Maker Specifics

    Gentlemen's Magazine, 1756, London

  • Size

    13.8 x 8 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Fair.  Nice image and excellent color.  A chip on left, and very closely trimmed margins on left.  Discoloration in several areas - likely old tape.  

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