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An interesting birds eye view of of the Greenwoods Ironworks in Orange County, New York.  Presumably P. P. Parrott was the proprietor.  The nearby rolling hills, residences, buggies, wagons, the Railway station with Eire and Northshore line railcars are shown.  This, now no longer existing business, is located near West Point, NY, and the US Military Academy. From County Atlas of Orange, N.Y.

1875 Andreas Birds Eye View of Greenwood Iron Works, NY

SKU: 2423b
  • Title

    Greenwood Iron Works Orange Co. NY

  • Map Maker Specifics

    Andreas, Baskin & Burr, 1875, New York

  • Size

    12 x 15 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Fair -- Nice uncolored impression.  Four larger (ca. 0.5 in.) and several small spots where image is 'whitened'. Several splits.  In simple matting.

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