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This nice map of Alaska is dated seven years after the territory was purchased from Russia, and infamously named Seward's Folly. It shows Alaska with no organized political divisions. areas and the interior virtually blank, save for the occasional river and Fort Yukon. There are a few named villages, Fort Yukon is marked, and while rivers and mountain ranges are shown, there is no sign of Mt. McKinley.  Sitka is shown to be also called New Archangel. 

c. 1871 Mitchell Map of Alaska

SKU: 2421b
  • Title

    North Western America Showing the Territory Ceded by Russia to the United States

  • Map Maker Specifics

    S Mitchell, 1871 c., Philadelphia

  • Size

    11.5 x 15 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Very Good.  Slight toning, a few marginal splits.  Hand colored and there are a couple of small miss-placed color spots, as issued.  Narrow top margin and centerfold, both as issued.

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