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A highly detailed, lovely road and cycling map of Southeast England.  Huge amount of detail is offered on roads, paths, railroads, railroad stations, canals, rivers, ferries, forests and greens.  Multitude of cities, towns and villages are noted.  Road distances between settlements is marked.  Concentric 10 mile interval circles are shown from Charing Cross.  Inset is Isle of Wight.  G.W. Bacon was an American, who after a failing US map business, moved to London and started a very successful cartographic enterprise.  This map, while not dated, is expectedly from 1913-1919 when the road numbers were not shown on Bacon maps.  This is a relatively rare find.

1915 Bacon Map of South East England for Cyclists and Autos

SKU: 2428
  • Title

    Bacon's Cycling and Motoring Road Map of South East England Sheet No.6 (of England) … Fifty Miles Around London

  • Map Maker Specifics

    G Bacon, 1915, London

  • Size

    Map is 23.2 x 30 in.  Case is 6.8 x 3.9 in.

  • Condition

    Very Good overall.  Folding pocket map with issued cloth backing.  Some finger soiling and a few stain spots.  Slightly worn but intact case.  One index page (not part of map) is missing.  Colored.

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