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This is a highly detailed map of the Battle of Turckheim in the Alsace region on January 5, 1675 between the French and the Imperial armies of Austria and Brandenburg during the Franco-Dutch.  The position of the armies, situated mostly between the towns of Turckheim and Colmar, is shown along with great deal of topographical detail.  The French army prevailed.  Maps and plans by the map maker, Antoine Coquart, are very seldom seen in auctions or at dealers.

1705 Coquart Map of the Battle of Turckheim

SKU: 2423f
  • Title

    Plan du Combat de Turckeim En Alsace Donne le 5, Janvier 1674. Entre l'Armee de France... 

  • Map Maker Specifics

    A Coquart, 1705 c., Paris

  • Size

    9.7 x 14.5 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Good.  Sharp uncolored image.  Narrow margins.  Damp stain in upper portions.  One foxing spot.  Issued folds.

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