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This unique chart maps the coast, town and fort of Monterey Bay.  Details included are custom house, a fortified Mexican battery, Point Pinos, Pt. Anlon, a lagoon, a church and the cemetery. It extends to today's Pacific Grove and the 17 mile Drive.   Fit for a coast survey, he chart includes extensive sailing directions, a simple compass rose, and the official seal of the Coast Survey Office - uncolored

1852 Nautical Chart & Coastal Map of Monterey, CA

SKU: 2170
  • Title

    Monterey Harbor, CA from a Trigonometrical Survey

  • Map Maker Specifics

    US Coast Survey, 1852

  • Size

    13.1 x 11.7 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Excellent; crisp impression, folded, tiny foxing, tiny tears left. Uncolored.

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