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This is a beautiful map of North America shows California as an island after Sanson's lead earlier.  A strip of Terre de Jesso Ieco is shown in the Pacific immediately west of northern California.   R. del Norte (Rio Grande River) erroneously drains into the Gulf of California.  The two western Great Lakes are open-ended, and Lake Erie is placed too far south.  British posessions center on a large Virginia. Floride Francoise is today's Carolinas and N. Suede (Sweeden), N. Pays Bas (Netherlands) and N. Hollende are shown further up the East Coast.  New York is referenced as Amsterdam. Floride occupies most of today's South US.  This is a rare find, with two cartouches on the left.  Elaborate title cartouche is at the top left with dedication to the Duke of Burgundy.

1696 Jaillot Map of North America -California Isle

SKU: 2227
  • Title

    Amerique Septentrionale Divisee en ses Principales Parties

  • Map Maker Specifics

    H. Jaillot, 1696, Amsterdam

  • Size

    19.3 x 23 in.

  • Condition

    Excellent.  Slight toning at margins and more on the edge.  Crisp and vivid colors and political boundary outlines.  

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