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This is a rare and historically significant map of the Western United States in part relating to the 1849 California Gold Rush and Texas Statehood.  The Western United States covered by the map was of particular interest in 1849 because the height of the Gold Rush, shown in one of the insets, and 4 years prior in 1845, Texas became the 28th state, which prompted Mexico to invade Texas in 1846, precipitating the American-Mexican war.  High level of detail is provided, including topographical, settlement and transportation route elements.  The insets are: Maritime and Overland Routes to California; Gold & Quicksilver District of California.  The case contains description of gold region and information on types of gold and testing gold.

1849 Very Rare Map of Calif. (Gold Rush) to Texas

SKU: 2211
  • Title

    A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California with the Regions Adjoining Compiled from Most Recent Authorities

  • Map Maker Specifics

    Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co (Mitchell)

  • Size

    20 x20 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Good.  Professionally backed.  A few several cm long voids in six original folds and a few chips in margins.  Quite good original color.

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