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This is an attractive yet uncommon map charts the French possession of Louisiana, which is shown to be most of today's US east of the Rockies and Canada, except rot the British colonies from New York to Carolinas. It presents a detailed view of the Gulf region and the Mississippi, and the exploration routes of De Soto, Cavelier, Tonty, Moscoso and Denis.  At the far west is the Rio Grande with the settlements of Santa Fe, los Taos, S. Felipe and Albuquerque nearby.  The Great Lakes are relatively properly shown.  Topography and rivers are detailed.  Settlements, forts and Indian tribes are shown.  The large figurative cartouche shows two gentlemen negotiating a chest of coins for a stock certificate, in reference to the famous Mississippi Bubble investment scheme.   Created after de L'Isle.

1734 Weigel Map of French and British Pocessions in America

SKU: 2535
  • Title

    Novissima Tabula Regionis Ludovicianae Gallice dicta la Louisiane…

  • Map Maker Specifics

    C Weigel, 1734, Nurnberg

  • Size

    12.5 x 16.3 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Good.  Slight toning, most noticeable in the issued centerfold.  Soil spots in modest part of map (today's Tennessee) and smaller portion in the Gulf area..  Nicely colored. Matted.

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