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This is a fantastic early 19th century map of New South Wales, Australia with Sydney being one of the few settlements identified.  The map shows the coast from south of Jervis Bay, past Bottant Bay and Sydney to north of Coff's Harbour.  The interior is partly mapped.  Lake George is shown, but not the future capital, Canberra, which is near.  This map is part of the monumental work by vanderMaelen to map the world on an uniform scale, whereby all the 382 maps could be attached to in a global view.

1825 vanderMaelen Map of Southeast Australia

SKU: 2584b
  • Title

    Oceanique. Partie de la Nlle. Galles du Sud. No. 55.

  • Map Maker Specifics

    P VanderMaelen, 1825, Brussels

  • Size

    18.4 X 21.3 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Very good.  Slight toning and a few small foxing and soil spots. Ample margins.  Issued fold.  Hinges on verso for previous framing.  Uncolored.

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