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This is large folio atlas is the atlas portion of a monumental work by Denon detailing his journeys in Egypt.  Denon is widely regarded as the founder of modern Egyptology and this atlas illustrates that clearly.  Denon was a member of the Commission des Sciences et Arts which accompanied Napoleon Boneparte's expedition, per Napolean's request, in 1798 to Egypt and remained there for thirteen months.  This French Expedition to Egypt was also a staging post in Napoleon's campaign to take India from the British.  Denon was the first to reveal the richness of Egyptian art to Europe.  He worked tirelessly to capture the various sights, with little time and times under fire.   Upon his return to France, Denon published Voyage dans la Basse et la Haute Egypte pendant les campagnes du General Bonaparte -- Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt... and was published by Didot.  Most editions contain one text volume and one atlas volume, like this.  This atlas contains 110 plates (some other editions contain differing number of plates), with none missing.  Many plates have multiple views/plans.  The plates include four maps (one large foldout); many views of temples, ruins including from Thebes, the pyramids, etc; plans of temples/buildings; details on artwork, hieroglyphs, architectural details; portraits of local Bedouins and native animals of late 18th century; a few scenes of daily life in late 18th century; etc.  Nine foldout pages. 

1802 Denon Atlas of Egypt Containing Maps, Views, etc.

SKU: 2705
  • Title

    Planches du voyage dans la Basse et la Haute Egypte

  • Map Maker Specifics

    D-V Denon, 1802 c., Paris

  • Size

    18.2 X 11.4 in. and lagest foldout map is 22.1 X 22.4 in.

  • Condition

    Good-fair overall.  Handful of pages with foxing, toning or staining.  Many pages are virtually free of or have just a few small foxing spots and toning.  The marbled covers are with slight rubbing and corners are worn.  The spine is modern and in good condition.  Several pages are oriented upside down as bound. All plates listed in thable on contents are present. Uncolored.

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