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Well preserved, crisp and detailed pocket map of the US, with insert maps of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington/Baltimore, Charleston, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Niagara Falls.  It shows the eastern United States to the Mississippi River plus parts of Texas and Indian Territory. The canals and very early railroads are clearly shown. This series of maps, first published in 1832, were marketed to the growing number of travelers and new immigrants. The map is printed on thin bank note paper and folded.   Complete with Index and Canal and Steam Boat Timetable.  Green embossed cover.

1835 Mitchell Pocket/Folding Map of United States

SKU: 2194
  • Title

    Mitchell's Travellers Guide through the United States

  • Map Maker Specifics

    S. A. Mitchell, 1835, Philadelphia

  • Size

    19 x 21 in. plus margins folded out

  • Condition

    Very good - excellent, expert mending of splits at folds in the banknote paper; Case very good with spine expertly restored.  Map is sharp and clean.  Hand color.

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