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One of the earliest surviving railroad maps in US.  Sharp map of the potential railroad routes explored between Boston and Providence.  At the time these surveys were comissioned by the board of the railroad to generate funding from investors.  The map explores several routes and that then was separately used to establishing the cost.  The report was issued in 1832.  Follows a similar survey from 1828.  Uncolored.  Reference: Cartographies of Travel and Navigation, James R Ackerman

1831 Map of a Very Early New England Railroad Plan

SKU: 2217
  • Title

    Map Exhibiting the Several Routes Surveyed for a Proposed Rail Road from Boston to Providence and also to Taunton

  • Map Maker Specifics

    W. G. McNeill, 1831 (Pittsburgh?)

  • Size

    11.5 x 19.75 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Very Good.  Clear image, very minor soiling.  Part of lower laft margin is not in place.

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