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This is an excellent and one of the most influential seventeenth century maps of the French and English colonies in North America.  It is an important early map of the Great Lakes and the map shows L. Erie, ou du Chat as a recognizable lake, and one not connected to the others. This delineation influenced the cartography of the region for more than 100 years. Lake Superior and Michigan (Lac du Puans) are left open-end to the west.  The map covers the region from Hudson Bay to the Carolinas, and from Lake Superior to Newfoundland.  The lakes and rivers are detailed and as are Indian tribes.  It is embellished with a nice title cartouche. 

1683 Sanson Map of the Great Lakes and the Upper East Coast

SKU: 2532g
  • Title

    Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, &c. Tiree de diverses Relations des Francois, Anglois, Hollandois, &c.

  • Map Maker Specifics

    N Sanson, 1683, Paris

  • Size

    8.2 x 12 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Very good-excellent.  Slight toning.  Chip in upper right margin.  Nice hand color.  Issued folds.

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