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The World on Paper is a boutique antique map merchant, leveraging our five decade-long passion for the language of geography, cartography.  We offer antique maps and rare maps of the world, of the Americas, of the US among others.   All maps are original, and are not reproductions.  We offer a modest, yet powerful array of antique maps to please your tastes.  We serve map collectors, those who find antique maps to be a form of art (which they are), those for whom maps serve as a reminder of special locations they are touched by, are from or have visited, those who just like maps, and businesses and institutions looking to acquire and display selected relevant maps.  Maps do capture humanity’s relation to the environment, our history and likely our future trajectory, our culture, and our civilization. 


We are an internet based company, operating in a low overhead environment in Ohio.  Enjoy our site!


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