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This a magnificent and very large map of Russia, covering from the Black Sea, White Sea through Siberia to Kamchatka.  A great deal of detail is offered on settlements, rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, etc.  While both Kamchatka and Novaya Zemlya are shown, both are miss-shaped and part of northern Siberia East of the Ob River remains unexplored. The map was first issued in 1772 by Robert Sayer.  with a conjectural Alaskan Peninsula and an entirely different configuration for Kamchatka. Five distance scales and extensive legend explains Russian terms used in the map. The map is printed on two, joined sheets as issued, ad carries three titles. 

1772 Sayer Map of Russia

SKU: 2498g
  • Title

    The European Part of the Russian Empire... [joined with] The Asiatic Part of the Russian Empire… [Also Titled as] The Whole Russian Empire

  • Map Maker Specifics

    R Sayer, 1772, London

  • Size

     18.6 x 50 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Very Good - Good.  Nice strike on thick paper.  Offsetting, especially in Asian portion.  Slight toning, foxing and staining.  Split closed on verso. Two maps joined, issued folds.  Extra creases.  Color outline.

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