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This is a very attractive map covering the coastal region of Chile.  The Andes are shown prominently, with two live volcanoes in the vicinity of Villarrica.  San Juan is shown on a large spurious lake east of the Andes and incorrectly located south of Mendoza. The map is very decorative with a large scene of industrious natives and cherubs filling the entire top of the map. The ocean is embellished with two galleons and a compass rose.   The map is based on the cartography Hessel Gerritsz with north oriented to the left although the compass rose incorrectly depicts north at top.

1671 Montanus/Ogilby Map of Chile

SKU: 2615a
  • Title


  • Map Maker Specifics

    Montanus/Ogilby, 1671, London

  • Size

    11.2 X 14.2 in. plus margins

  • Condition

    Very good.  Nice strike on watermarked laid paper.  Very slight toning.  A few small splits in the narrower margins.  Issued centerfold.  Original hand color.

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